Your Book Launch Game Plan

1. CCWC 2018 Handout #1

2. CCWC Handout # 2

3. CCWC 2018 Handout #3

4-5 CCWC Handouts 4-5



Below you will find the link to the handout to Susan Mathis’ Pinterest workshop.

Pinterest Workshop Susan Mathis


Below you will find the link to the handout and PPT and other blogging resources for the Stacy Jensen’s blogging workshop.

Writing Memoirs

Below you can download notes from Liz Duckworth’s memoir writing workshop. This handout includes Liz’s recommended memoir list, plus

  1. 4 Tips to keep your memoir–and you–safe:
  2. 12 Tips to tell your story and protect the people and relationships involved
  3. 6 Memoir Definitions and Quotations
  4. 7 Traits of Memoir
  5. Writing Your Memoir: Where and How to Begin

Resource for Memoir, Essay, and Personal Experience- How Real Life Stories Can Power Your Writing

CCWC: PDF HANDOUT Targeting a Publication for Your Writing

January 2014 Springs Writers Handouts. Click on the links below to download the handouts.

Springs Writers January 2014 Handout FINAL includes:

  • FREE Downloadable Ebooks
  • How to Set a Daily Word Count
  • Handy Writing Apps and Online Tools
  • Apps and Online Tools to Develop the Writing Habit
  • Time Tracking Tools
  • Online Project Management & Mind Mapping Tools
  • Submission Trackers
  • Online Tools to Review Your Writing
  • Online Automatic Bibliography and Citation Generators
  • Indie Publishing (e-books, print-on-demand)
  • FREE Online Writing Courses
  • Publishers Seeking Submissions
  • Magazines & Devotionals Seeking Submissions

Editorial Excel Calendar FINAL


How to Power Edit Your Manuscript: Editing with ‘Visual Eyes’ Turn Words into Images: WORD Handout Power Edit Visual Eyes Turn Words into Images

Springs Writing Intersections

Springs Writers encourages writers to pursue their passion. Below you will find writing resources to help you hone your writing skills.

American Christian Fiction Writers: The Pikes Peak chapter offers monthly workshops the first Saturday of each month from 10 am – 12 pm at First EV-Free Church, 820 N. 30th Street, Colorado Springs, CO. Can attend two meetings free before required to join paid membership.

Christian Writers Guild: Offers fee-based writing courses, webinars, Writing for the Soul writers conference and paid membership.

Pikes Peak Writers: Offers Write Brain monthly FREE writing workshop on the third Tuesday of the month, an annual Pike Peak Writers Conference and free membership.

Colorado Christian Writers Conference: Annual writers conference in Estes Park, CO.

  1. Hi. I did the early bird registration and I wanted to contact someone about the fact that I have been sick and will most likely not be able to attend. May I have my husband, Terry, come by and pick up the notebook I would be getting if I was able to attend. I could not find a phone number anywhere, so I am hoping someone can contact me. Thank you.

  2. I have signed up for your class at CCWC. I click on your link to down load the handouts and am not finding any. “Your Book Launch Game Plan” I am leaving early on Wednesday morning and wanted to copy them before I leave. Any idea on when they will be posted?

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