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Overcoming Writer’s Fright, FREE Workshop January 21, 2016


Overcoming Writer's Fright

Date/Time: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 6 pm – 8 pm

Place: Room 108-109, lower level of Community Center, Bldg # 290, Woodmen Valley Chapel, 290 E. Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Please click on this link to the map of the campus. We’re meeting the lower level of building 290. The building is in the shape of a rectangle. Come in the door nearest the gymnasium and follow the hallway to room 108-109. If you enter on the top level, take the stairs or the elevator to the lower level. However, the doors on the top level will probably be locked.

Writer's FrightWorkshop Description: Are you a writer — whether you believe it or not? Inside every writer is a spiritual passion that taps into God’s heart and your story. Fear paralyzes the best of writers. Does ‘writer’s fright’ — the literary equivalent of stage fright — prevent you from writing? Will you make this the year the story prodding you to write is released? This workshop explores how one becomes a writer — not in a practical sense, not by the external comparisons of book contracts or being ‘published,’ but by that invisible, intimate epiphany and surrender to your inner calling.

This interactive workshop will help you identify the anxieties crippling your writing confidence. This workshop, Overcoming Writer’s Fright, reveals

  • how to identify the obvious signs that you are a writer
  • 3 simple ways to overcome writer’s fright
  • 14 ridiculously simple actions any one can take tomorrow to pursue your writing passion.

Speaker: Speaking from her writer’s fright experiences, Scoti Domeij owes an agent a book proposal on February 1, 2016 . . . as she stares at her blank computer screen.