FREE WRITING WORKSHOP: December 2, 2014: Write-Brained: Boost Your Creativity: The Care and Keeping of the Creative Mind

Date/Time/Place: Tuesday, December 2, 2014. 6 pm – 8:00 pm, Room 107, lower level of Worship Center, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Building 250, 290 E. Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Driving DirectionsWrite Brained Michelle Senters


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Is life speeding past you at 150 mph?

November’s NaNoWriMo.

December’s holiday rush.

January’s New Year writing goals.

Feeling burnt out or shut down, yet? When a severe case of writer’s block caused Michelle Lynn Senters to question her ability, she learned something quite astounding — writer’s block was all in her head, literally. In this workshop, Michelle shares the latest discoveries in brain research relating to creativity and innovation. Writers and illustrators of all levels will discover:

  • how 10 vital factors affect your brain
  • why nutrition, hydration, movement, sunlight, sleep, meditation, wonder, gratitude, community, and thought impact your ability to create
  • 10 effective strategies to immediately improve your creative mind.

Michelle Senters writes inspirational nonfiction for womenMichelle Senters Headshot6 copy and children’s picture books. Founder and lead writing coach for Kids Are Writers, she’s been an elementary school teacher for 15 years and earned an M.Ed. in integrated teaching through the arts.

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Scoti helps solo parents face their fears with courage to embrace new life.

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  1. My name is Joan Halstead. I live in Canon City and want to plan to come tomorrow night. I need to get into a writer’s group.

    Is it acceptable for me to just show up?



    • Yes. We provide a free, conference-quality workshop each month for anyone interested in writing. Our speakers are professional writers, published authors, agents or professionals working in publishing industry.

  2. Dear Springs Writers,

    I have been to two of your meetings, one in November and one in February which was canceled just an hour before it started. I live in Canon City, CO and did not get the message until I was there looking for everybody. Can you tell me if there is a meeting this month, April, and what is the date. I need to know before the local people as I have to plan ahead.

    Also, I would be interested in meeting or being put in touch with someone who could professionally edit my nearly finished manuscript. It is a non-fiction book in three sections. The first, detailing how I survived an abusive marriage, the second, how I, as a senior citizen, lived on the side of a Colorado mountain at 9500 feet in a derelict trailer with no utilities, cooking on a woodstove, hauling in my water twice a week, reading and writing by oil lamps, hand washing two loads of clothes, splitting wood and working forty miles away during the day as a massage therapist. The third section is how to make your own recyclable toilet paper, paper towels, hankies, bandages, natural deodorant, and other hints. It has twenty eight chapters, about two hundred and twenty pages and 39,700 words. I hope this is enough information.

    If you are meeting this month, I plan to come regardless of distance.

    My phone number is 720-737-6280.

    My email address is


    Joan Halstead

    1625 Chestnut St. Lot 7

    Canon City, Colorado 81212

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