Self-Publishing Boot Camp

You’ve Written Your Book. Now What?

Think Like a Publisher!

Friday/Saturday, August 22 -23 August

Date/Time/Place: Friday, August 22, 6 pm – 8:30 pm. in Room 114, lower level of Worship Center. Saturday, August 23, 9 am – 1:00 pm in Room 107

Speakers: Shelley Ring, Debbie Allen, Scoti Springfield Domeij

Cost: Click on the Paypal link below each registration option to secure your spot and your Boot Camp Workbook. Due to printing and collating the workbooks, registrations submitted after August 20 may not receive the notebook at the boot camp. If you sign up after August 20, you can pick up your Self-Publishing Boot Camp Workbook the week following the Boot Camp.

  • Regular Registration: $39 (August 16-21)

  • Walk-in Registration: $45 (August 22-23)

  • Work Scholarships: If you cannot afford the fee to attend, limited work scholarship are available. Email SpringsWriters at gmail dot com to request a work scholarship.

Location: Woodmen Valley Chapel, lower level of Worship Center, Friday, August 22, Room 114; August 23, Saturday, Room 107. Click here for address /driving directions.

Childcare: Sorry, no childcare is provided for this boot camp.

Boot Camp Description

It’s the greatest time in history to be a writer. Self-publishing eliminates rejection by the traditional gatekeepers. From editing to crafting a professional interior book design and layout to designing a selling front and back cover to publishing your book, this boot camp covers the step-by-step production process to bring your dreams of publishing your book to reality.

The publishing landscape changes at break-neck speed. However, this workshop concentrates on the unchanging production details to publish like a professional. If you’re ready to educate yourself about self-publishing, this boot camp helps you understand:

  • What you need to learn and where to start.
  • What you tools will help you self-publish.
  • What makes sense to do yourself and when to call in the pros.

From Manuscript to Finished Product: Self-Publishing Step-by-Step

Workshop 1:  Take Control of the Publishing Process: The Publishing Revolution and the Battle Between Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: There are so many ways to be published than ever before. Which path will you pursue? Provides an overview of how traditional publishers and self-publishing differ, plus the advantages and disadvantages. Helps you decide which self-publishing option works best for you and how to evaluate indie-scams-to-avoid that will take your money and run.

Workshop 2: Think Like an Editor–Write Like a Pro: Polishing Your Manuscript for Publication: Provides an overview book publishing standards and the 5-step editing process your book needs before it’s ready for publication.

Workshop 3: The Blueprint: Book Matter and Interior Design: Discover how to avoid the mistakes that most self-publishers make. Present yourself as a professional by designing easy-to-read pages. ISBN, ASIN, CAT, CAN, BISEC, LCCN, EANS, copyrights, and font styles. Do these devilish details sound like Greek to you? Learn the definitions for each, why you need each one, where each appears in your book and where to obtain them.

Workshop 4: Killer Titles that Sell: Creating Titles, Subtitles and SEO: Many self-published authors have trouble figuring out what title will best sell their book. Provides an overview of how to title your book and the importance of choosing the right key words and categories on Amazon to help  search engines help readers find your book online and boost your sales.

Workshop 5: How to Write Killer Back Cover Copy that Sells: Learn what to put on your back cover so readers will buy your book.

Workshop 6: First Impressions Count: Front and Back Cover Design for Nondesigners: Readers “Judge a Book By Its Cover.” The publishing industry—both traditional and independent—spends millions on cover design every year. 75% of 300 booksellers surveyed said the look and design of the book cover is the most important component of choosing what to sell. From fonts to images to design to placing the bar code in the right place, discover how to create a winning cover, plus the online tools available to help you create your cover.

Workshop 7: What to Charge: Royalties, Pricing, Price Pulsing, & Giveaways: Want a bigger chunk of money from your retail dollar? Provides an overview of royalties. Compares the royalties you’ll earn with a traditional publisher and self-publishing. Learn how to price and promote your book to sell.

Workshop 8: Dream Come True: Formats, Digital Files, and Publishing Your Book: Learn the different formats for e-readers and hard copy books, plus the tools that can save you time, money and frustration to publish in the different digital book file formats.

Topics include: 

  • avoiding the common mistakes most self publishers make at every stage of producing a book
  • self-publishing platforms, distributors and selling platforms
  • common digital book file formats
  • advantages of self publishing
  • skills you need to create a professional-quality book
  • 5 editing phases needed to publish a well-crafted and well-edited book
  • costs associated with self-publishing
  • choosing the right fonts for your interior pages and book cover
  • elements of a powerful cover, plus color psychology and images
  • pricing your book and royalties
  • ISBN numbers, rights, and other technical issues
  • registering your copyright
  • applying for a Library of Congress Control Number
  • purchasing an ISBN and barcode
  • formats for all the new e-readers including Kindle, KindleFire, iPad, and Nook and the tools to publish seamlessly to each e-reader’s digital book file format
  • includes a detailed recommended resource list for every step of the book production process including websites of popular self-pub blogs and tools to help you design and publish your book.


You’ll walk away with:

  • a workbook detailing the information covered in each workshop
  • an understanding of what tasks need to be performed as a self-published author
  • a structured plan to follow in the order you should do things to self publish your book
  • detailed editing worksheets to guide you through the editing process
  • a list of the interior parts of a book, what goes on each page, and how to put them together in the right order
  • a step-by-step self-publishing production worksheet to guide you from final manuscript preparation to publishing your digital files, including hiring freelancers to figuring out and managing your production budget, expenses and real costs
  • important details and instructions on how to: design your book interior pages; how to design your cover; and how to format your book that will save you many hours of frustration, tears and reformatting.
  • the knowledge to make an informed decision on what tasks to do yourself and which ones to outsource
  • a list of recommended resources, referrals and the online tools for every step of the self-publishing production process.

Please note: The workbook and resources lists are only available by attending this workshop. If you cannot attend this workshop, we regret that the workbook will not be uploaded to the Springs Writers website. 

Who Should Attend? Anyone who’s. . . 

  • interested in writing a book
  • hiding a closet dream of being a writer, but can’t handle the rejection
  • in the middle of writing a book
  • finished writing your tome
  • wants to publish their own books
  • wants to know the book production process
  • wants to publish a memoir, family history, “how to” or other non-fiction book
  • has their own business and wants to write on a specialist topic related to their business
  • wants to take control of the publishing process.

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