FREE January 14 Writing Workshop: How to Set Achievable 2014 Writing Goals in the New Publishing Landscape

FREE January Writing Workshop: How to Set Achievable 2014 Writing Goals in the New Publishing Landscape

“This year’s opportunities erase last year’s disappointments and defeats.” 

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 14, 6 pm – 8 pm

Location: Woodmen Valley Chapel, lower level of Worship Center, Room 114. Click here for address /driving directions.

Childcare: Click here to register 48 hours in advance.

Do I need to register to attend a workshop? No registration or fee is required to attend our free monthly workshops.


The impala, an African antelope, can jump 10 feet high and leap forward more than 33 feet. Yet, any zoo can hold captive these magnificent leapers behind a three-foot wall. Why? Impalas refuse to jump where they cannot see. Their lack of vision imprisons them. What blockades hold your publishing dreams hostage? 

2014 is an awesome year to be a writer. Why?

More opportunities, more accessible training, more publishing options, more hybrid authors, and more readers abound. This interactive workshop takes a new look at resolutions for writers facing the new publishing world revolution. What do you need to know to set realistic goals in 2014? Discover the

  • Difference between a publishing dream that you can’t control and publishing goals that you can control and achieve in 2014.
  • 5 practical ways to break-through barriers curbing personal fulfillment and publishing success.
  • 2 easy ways to count to (and write) 80,000 words in 2014.
  • 12+ motivational apps and online tools to motivate and improve productivity.

Workshop includes an interactive discussion to help you identify your writing saboteurs and walk away with your next steps to achieve writing success in 2014.

To Jumpstart Your 2014 Writing Motivation

Every person who attends this workshop will receive a take-home packet that includes:

  • links to publishers seeking submissions in 2014, plus an editorial calendar to schedule and track your submissions.
  • links to FREE ebooks on self-publishing, publishing an online digital magazine, and easy-to-understand guides for Scrivener and Pinterest.
  • a list of FREE handy writing apps and online tools to increase productivity, beat writers block or block distractions, plus writing courses to sharpen your professional skills.
  • Personal reflection questions for the terrified to break free from your comfort zone and set achievable writing goals for 2014.

About scotidomeij

Scoti helps solo parents face their fears with courage to embrace new life.

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  1. Love your new blog. Excited to attend the classes. They have always been so informative and helpful. Thanks for bringing it back to the church.

  2. Do I need to register some place to attend?

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